J.T. Felix (born May 3, 1990), also known as Crookedpaw, was raised in the suburbs of

Jacksonville, Florida and spent most of his time trying to escape reality by rummaging

through trash heaps and building forts in the woods with his dog. Eventually, he found himself

in high school where he spent time looking through closets full of old commercial artist books,

copying typefaces and learning traditional ways of image reproduction. In 2011, Felix received

his Associates Degree of Arts at Florida State College of Jacksonville. He spent the next few

years working alongside independent musicians creating and printing album covers, posters

and other merchandise. In the fall of 2014, he headed west to further his

practice as a Printmaker and Illustrator. He accepted a three year apprenticeship at Tom Huck’s

Evil Prints in St. Louis, Missouri, where he currently works with Huck as a Press Assistant and participates in all aspects of running the shop.